Administration management system main in school

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Well designed Administration Management System plays vital role in every organization.
The best school management software, Nolwaboard has various functionalities. Yet each of them are well segregated and operational. With more than 25+ module, the structured system results in best usage.
One of the only school management systems with double security. There are different login credentials for every member – student, staff, parent. It has super admin above the admin for more protection of data. An operational institute is efficient only when all the departments are functioning smoothly. Tracking of the same can happen at every point of time. 
As school or college is the main place of nurturing students, it has to be very systematic. An organized conduction of all the activities is the main aim. Nolwaboard is an apt system to fit into.
It helps in automating all processes of the school functionalities.
Above all is the admin who has the right to access every profile. An illustrative dashboard to see all the functionalities. With a single click he can access the following important activities.

Dashboard View

Access to All:
Administrator controls the actions of every stakeholder. They enjoy the privilege to access every detail of students, parents, staff, etc. 
Track Admissions:
At the beginning of every academic year, there are changes in the student database. New students join and few leave. Admin gets the details of every new admission. s/he can also know the students who wish to leave the premises. Then they join the group of inactive students.
Track Student performance:
Get an eagle eye vision of all the best performing students of every class. Can have detailed performance checks on every student.
There will be lots of expenses on day to day. Accountant records every penny spent. The same is visible to administrator with the detailed figure. A clear graph in his/her exclusive dashboard explains the same.
Student Attendance:
Check the number of students present on that day. Track who all are the absentees. Check the number of students in each class. With a unique attendance management system, track all the details at ease.
Staff Attendance:
At a click, analyse the whole staff working that day. It includes teacher and non teaching staff along with the principal of the school. Teachers who are absent allot a replacement. This is one of the best substitution management systems available till board. And so is Nolwaboard the finest school management software.
Admin gets a cumulated amount of fees paid by students in that particular month. S/he also gets to know the defaulters. They can discuss with the teachers and accountant for further plans of action.

Actions to perform in Administration Management System

Power to make decisions

Enjoy the sole right to plan the beginning and ending of the academic year. Control the details of active and inactive students. Also allot the designation to every staff. They create or remove functional departments as per requirement.


Send a broadcast message to all. In addition, send a specific one on one message to specific class, parents, group of students .


For students, birthdays are very important. It lets child enjoy the special attention. The dashboard has a specific column to list out the birthdays of all kids on that day. Also plan and schedule any kind of events as well.


Nolwaboard has the best online exam management system. The administrator schedules the various semester and year end exams. Also chooses if the same had to conduct online or offline exams.

Nolwa designed school management software with exclusive features in administration management system.