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Students are an integral part of every school and college. Every academic institution needs to maintain the complete data of every student. Designing the efficient Student database is not easy. It is the biggest challenge for any school management software company. It is also important to maintain the alumni database. The older the school or college the bigger is the student database. A well designed database enables easy access to the whole information.

Attend Skillful Events:
Teachers an conduct surprise tests, challenging events, quizzes, extempore. Enables to allot extra marks to every student. The same appends to the final mark-sheet.
The respective teachers upload marks of tests they conducted. Every semester results get added to the final result. If cleared, the student promotes to the next class if passed. Further the systems updates the database.
Check Notes:
Notes of every subject are being updated in the system by respective teachers. And students make use of it during their after school studies.
Online Exams:
This application has inbuilt offline and online exam management system. Students can attempt online exams and find their results. The system enables uploading of marks for offline exams. And is visible in their updated profile.

Student dashboard Panel

School Mobile Apps

Complete Homework: System shows total homework for the day. This helps the teachers, parents and students to track daily homework with ease.

Easy access to inactive students

Nolwaboard, school management system categorizes all students into active and inactive students . Every year, classifies the passed out students or those who left between as inactive. Even after years, they can collect their details like certificates, etc at ease.

Student login

This software provides individual credentials to all the students. Each student can access their individual profile updated by the school administration.


This system has a trendy and latest attendance management system. Take three types of attendance as per the schools desire. It can be either ones or twice in the day or taken for every subject period. Cumulative attendance is visible to each student.

Receive Notifications

Get notified by all kinds of notifications sent to the particular class or whole school. The comprehensive dashboard lists out all the latest shortcoming events. Be it holiday, exam, events, test or any other notification, is visible at a click of a button.

Leave Management

Application of leave has become very easy. The parent can apply leave. Then, concerned authority approves the same. As a result of updated attendance. It then helps in calculating the monthly attendance percentage.

Download Certificates

School management software company put in their best minds to create something new. Nolwaboard gives a platform to conduct various events. The participation and winner certificates are available to download.