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Nolwa excels in providing software solutions. It created the school management software India has.

Every parent aspires to give the best of everything to their children. A school is one of the toughest decisions to make. Choosing the right school is the first step towards proper growth. 


Parents themselves being at work get little time to notice things in detail. However our school management software India has the best solutions. This is the only software that has both desktop and mobile versions. The mobile application for parents is available for both iOS and android users. 

Subject List : Know detailed information of all the subjects being taught to your child along with the details of the corresponding teachers through our school management software india. It will also let you contact the specific teacher for any kind of further discussion.

School ERP system, all the things are now just a click away from the phone.

Online Open day: Typically parents have to wait for the end of month to  contact school teachers, know the progress and see the results. With a complete automated

Parent mobile dashboard

school management software India School Mobile Apps

Exam list : Complete schedule of all the exams along with timings will be available in the exam list section of our software. This will help in advance preparations of all the exams for your child. The advanced online exam management system also helps to conduct and appear for exams online.

Attendance: You can track the attendance of your child. Any absence from school will be highlighted along with the reason for absence. You can get details of the classes missed in previous months due to absence. Thus is the only system to provide such a unique attendance management system.

Parents Dashboard

An attractive and informative dashboard gives an up to date information of the child. Each moment the parent can know the activities of the child. From attendance, notifications, homework, timetable, teacher details, fees, exam list

Siblings Details

A single parent may have two or more children studying in the same school. In such a case with a single login, the parent can access complete information about each child.

Fee Information

In a single click know the complete school expenses. Be it annual fees or special fees for exams and events, it’s all listed here. The fees paid till date, due amount, last date to pay fee is all listed clearly for easy action. The inbuilt fees management system helps you pay the fees without fine.

Class Timetable

You can see the timetable of your child. Details of the day wise schedule of classes for all subjects is accessible so that you are well informed. Incase of any other changes in the timetable, the unique substitution management system will keep you informed.


You can check the homework assigned to your child by teachers for all subjects. This will enable you to track the homework done by your child through our school management software India.

Download Center

You can download various study materials uploaded by teachers, important announcements by schools, and documents like school brochure, holiday list etc. from the download center of the school management system.