School Mobile Apps

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A burdened free teacher has more time to explore. As a result, they gain real time knowledge. Also called mentors, play an important role in educating. They need to be up to date with new topics. They teach children life lessons. And so are the main source of nurturing future individuals. NTeacher is the first unique app for all the teachers. Teachers can now use mobile to manage their work. The School Mobile Apps feature is provided by only the best school management software

We made their task easy. Through mobile they now manage classes, exams,etc. Topics to be taught can be easily decided. Assigning homework, projects and assignments was never this easy. Attendance tracking is the important part of the curriculum. Take attendance through the app.

nStudent Mobile App

A well nourished bud grows into a beautiful flower. Similarly, a well fostered child becomes the future of the nation. It is very important for every child to get a platform for all round development. As, every child is special. They would have hidden talents which are to be noticed and polished. This may not be academic related. Thus every student has to be assessed for all kinds of activities. The regular exams would definitely have a check on the academic progress. 

Skill tracker

This is a every school mobile apps. Because it lets the teacher and institute conduct some exciting activities. They can be either extempore, debate, games, crafts, arts, or more. Each child may participate in any activity. This unique School Management Software lets you analyse the child for various other parameters.

This score can also be added to the academic performance if required.

school management software India School Mobile Apps
School Mobile Apps


While the child goes to school physically, parents go virtually. Parents need to be up to date with day to day school activities. They need to know the timetable, classwork, homework, exam schedule, events and all in detail. Additionally, they also need to know the fees to be paid, due date, etc. 


NolwaBoard designed unique school mobile apps for all parents. It has respective login credentials for each parent to get complete information about their child/ren. They can connect with the respective teacher or administrator anytime when required. Also enables to do online payment of fees easily. This efficient software designed by Nolwa Software Solutions is a boon to every academic institution.