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Switch your school to a more versatile NOLWABOARD

Do you feel dissatisfied with your established NolwaBoard system?

School Management Application

With data intact and stable, we have migrated more than 150 schools away from other school databases. Every year more than 50 schools move from every big school NolwaBoard competitor to all kinds of quirky stand-alone systems – you can be sure that you are in safe hands.

More apps and the normal functionality

Whenever the time is right add modules

Ideal for every sort of school

Total migration and a stable transfer of data

Migration from any NolwaBoards in-house or commercial

Why Migrate to NolwaBoard

We developed NolwaBoard because there was nothing on the market that could really do what the teachers needed to do. And we collaborated with the teachers directly to design and create the first edition. Years later, the method remains close.

NolwaBoard is the most growing platform for school management as it continues to evolve in line with what schools need and want. Our entire process of build and release follows input from our client and partner schools.

Let us help the school slash ownership costs, high training costs plus recurring annual maintenance fees. What's more we're going to pass around your school at no extra expense.

A safe programme that is open to every school

NolwaBoard is the only web-based program that can be completely hosted inside the existing infrastructure at your school. Or you might prefer to have Nolwa host the stress-free alternative. It’s totally your decision.

Either way, schools benefit from web-based systems as the programme can be used by teachers, students and parents at home and on the move, as well as by teacher. It’s not only more successful, it lifts contact and interaction in the school.

Many of the items from our competitors have been developed for state day schools and just can’t provide the features needed to operate a 7-day-a-week school, or cope with weekly or complete boarding needs.

NolwaBoard’s benefit is that we looked to the full need and built in flexibility. It ensures that schools can use NolwaBoard for any age group, public or private sector, single site or multi-academy.