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Software Training

Learn onsite, online, in groups or one-to-one

Make the most out of your investment at NOLWA

School Management Application

We plan your training according to your goals, selected modules and the staff you want to train. How many workers you enrol in training is up to you, but note that the quicker you reap the benefits, the easier the entire staff gets up to speed.

School Management Application

Software Training

Training services provide for new and existing schools

School Management Application

Expert Team

We have an experienced and committed training team

School Management Application

Onsite & Live

Variety of training offered, from on-site to on-line webinars

More inclusive preparation allows for swifter adoption

NolwaBoard and its portals, modules, and software are both user-friendly and intuitive. This doesn’t mean you are lonely. We made decisions about your training as versatile as the programmer itself.

We will develop a customized post-implementation training programmer tailored to your particular installation to get you started after your data has migrated to NolwaBoard.

You will learn from an experienced teacher who will understand all your goals and know NolwaBoard inside and outside.

Whether the training takes place is really up to you, and which of the staff is involved. We recommend your IT director, appointed NolwaBoard administrator and at least one of your teaching staff champions. You’re definitely going to want to include others, including a bursary participant and account teams.

Delivery depends on the individuals concerned and we are happy to comment on what worked best for hundreds of other students.

Various programmers suit various types of training: for example, classroom style for admin workers, one-to-one with management.

Choose training in anything you need, from a focus on admin, to academic management, to technical reporting services

Even after your initial training on implementation, we are still available to assist.

Deep spoke training

Typically for different systems, new programmers, new main users – but it can be either 1-2-1 or in the classroom for any field and for any and as many users as you want

Courses at the conference center

Hosted at the training center of NolwaBoard, usually community sessions for functional areas, technical reports and modules with large user groups

Training online

Ideal for short sessions or remote, international schools

What can I find out what potential preparation is like?

All new Software Training course dates are released as soon as they are available on nCommunity. You may also enter community groups, make requests for updates and explore the new developments. If you want to arrange training customized to your needs, whether it’s for a new team member, a whole department or if you’re considering a new project, we’ll offer exactly what you need.