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NolwaBoard OEM Partner Plan

Re-brand and re-sell NolwaBoard Source Code in your geography under your pricing and terms.

NolwaBoard School Management System Software (OEM) Partners are organizations that embed Nolwa into their product offerings and then sell the combined package to the edtech market. Our OEM partners leverage NolwaBoard’s beautiful user interface design, feature-rich modules and engineering excellence to give their clients compelling school management systems quickly and cost-effectively. We will guide you to successfully replicate the proven business model of NolwaBoard in your geography.

Reach & sell to more customers by NolwaBaord in your solutions package

In today’s competitive environment, every school/college needs innovative solutions that easily integrate. They need flexible and efficient School Management System Software that increases the institutions’ agility, optimizes productivity and can turn data into working information capital — all while lowering their total cost of ownership.  we ensure a world-class experience for every institution. This opens up a world of opportunities for our OEM partners, from one time eGov projects to stable business models.

Request for Partnership.