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Why are students faking attendance?

Talent management - Digital tracking software

Digital tracking software solution is provided for live tracking students of the university, school is digitally tracking who turns up to class, but students are failing to show and lecturers feel spied on

We will introduce a new method of monitoring student progress, a Digital tracking software for tracking class attendance. Instead of students putting their initials on a register, they tap their ID cards on a card reader. we can still be tracking with there mobile, we expect all of the college students have mobile they will have less change leave mobile under the desk. Our Digital Tracking software can track multiple ways. ID card Finger and tab or mobile.

The digital attendance system is an educational software product, given a ridiculous tech startup-inspired name. It’s been bought in at considerable cost by Digital tracking software to the university to cover things like the installation of card readers in teaching rooms across the campus.

To make things worse, the system sometimes lists students as attending when they’re not. A technical glitch? Not this time. Digital tracking software turns out the system is open to abuse – by students. One colleague raised the issue in an email to members of the department, reporting that he arrived to start a class to discover a student tapping in and then leaving.

Lecturers are concerned by the new system too. Colleagues are wondering what happens if class attendance drops off. Someone in the upper echelons of university management might argue that their teaching isn’t good enough to keep students’ attention, though these metrics are a weak proxy for student engagement.

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Support for tracking system

There is many way track your student we are using 3 type of tracking in our system. school or college can customized they own way to track.

Student ID Card

Student ID Card

We can use attendance with Student ID card. each student need to go attendance device and swap the card.

bio-metrics System

bio-metrics System

This is fully capture student body tech, they have use physically this attention. the can be use student finger or face.

Mobile location Tracking

Mobile location Tracking

Our system can tack student tab/mobile, right all the collage student have mobile we can track easily. student have tab book we can also track and if they leave school compound it will notify system,