Learning Management System, LMS

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there is restricted movement for day to day activities. Unless extreme need be, it is advisable to stay indoors. The necessity gave us a challenging activity. Thus we became the best LMS provider in Kozhikode.

Online Classes

A very easy to use tool can be easily downloaded in your mobile. Also you can access the web interface. Schools, institutes can conduct classes online with ease. Teachers impart knowledge to students. To do the same, they can conduct live classes. 

Also they can video record a topic and broadcast to the students. Through this, every child can attend the class without much issues with internet speed. With minimum technical acquaintance both teacher and student can transform into digital mode of education.

Manage homework online

Assigning homework and assignments was never this easy. With just a few clicks gives a task to students. In return, students can submit their completed task back in the system. The same can be reviewed by the teacher. As per the need, the teacher can also grade the completed task.

This way, daily classes are functional without hindrance. Also teachers can track the presence of students at any point of time. This enables amicable two way communication.

Admin Management

With multiple classes and subjects, the admin dashboard is illustrative. It helps the admin or principal to keep track of all the ongoing activities. From the ease of laptop at his/her home, they can easily supervise all the activities. They can also join the live classes. See the history of classes conducted. Also they can monitor each student’s performance.

Admin can broadcast notifications to the students, parents and teachers. They can also communicate with specific groups of people. Admin can send specific messages to teachers or class, etc.

Online parent teacher Meeting

Transparent communication is the best way to efficiency. Admin can conduct parent and teacher meetings online. It can be easily notified. And parents can join the online meeting at their comfort zone. As a result, this improves the overall functioning of digital education.

Online Exam Module

Ours is the Best LMS provider in Kozhikode due to the perfect online exam module. As it enables us to conduct both subjective and objective exams.  It helps teachers upload a question paper at ease. Same is visible to students when they attempt the exam. The inbuilt online timer tracks the login, time duration and logout time of each student explicitly. 

In case of objective paper, the results are uploaded in the system. The LMS automatically evaluates and allots marks to the student. Whereas, for subjective exams, the teacher can individually assess the answer sheet of each student. The results are immediately stored online. And instantly visible to every student, parent, administrator.

With the experience of developing various web application in Saudi Arabia and Kerala, we also do customised LMS for every institute.