How Educational ERP software is helping institutes go paperless?

Educational ERP

Save a paper save tree is the need of the hour.  Thus, in these times, automation is a boon. And so is the educational ERP software for all academic institutions.

Gone are the days when we stack heaps of files one upon the other. They occupy a huge space in your office. Moreover dusting them now and then was a tedious task. Finally, to find the desired file was such a big thing.

Automated activities using school management system

With our unique systm, digitize everything. Admission can happen paperless. Enquiries can submit an application form online. Further school assesses the application. Then approves admission. Followed by an online payment system.


To make it easier,  the system generates an automatic student ID. The student details append to the database for further use. Finally,  the student record is now saved forever. Can you see what I see? Virtual table full of columns of every student data. Same is applicable for staff recruitment.

Classwork, homework, activities and exams are core functionalities of every school. Now the notes are online. The mobile app for teachers and parents connects the smart school with your phone. Teachers can upload tasks through phone anywhere anytime. Parents no more have to worry about maintaining a diary. They login from their phone and are up-to-date with their child’s happenings.


Online and offline examination facilities have now reduced paper usage. Schedule and conduct all types of exams online. Managing is spontaneous and easy. Also announce results on the digital platform. As the teacher updates the marks, updates happen in the student database. Now is visible to the student and parent dashboard.


Communication with teachers and parents is a click away. With bulk sms and email facility, notifying became a finger snap. With biometric integration, attendance is no more a task. The system can record three types of attendance as per need. Also integrated with the leave management system. Applying and approving leaves is all done without effort.


Finally educational ERP software lets you use technology to automate services. And focus more on deriving new teachings.